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    Mirroring your iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S requires enabling your device by using the AirPlay Setting.

    How To:

    You need to access Airplay by swiping up from the bottom which will bring up your Control Center Panel.

    Tap on Airplay. “Note your iPhone must be on the same WiFi network". This will bring you to another panel where you check the Airplay as well as Toggle on the Mirror feature

    At this point, you will see the same screen appear on your TV as long as your ATV is on.


    Remember to Tap "Done" on the top right of the panel or you will be disconnected.

    That's all there really is to it. For rom there, anything that shows up on your iPhone will mirror itself to your TV.
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    Bear in mind that these instructions are about to be rendered moot with iOS8... AirPlay will no longer require the iOS device and AppleTV to be on a network - there will be an ad-hoc peer to peer connection directly between devices...
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    Excellent guide, sir......Thank you.
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    Good job Carlos
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    Very nice!

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