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    Allowing your iCloud purchases to be visible in iTunes may cause headaches and sometimes you want to turn it off to avoid seeing duplicates of your iTunes purchases. Luckily, iTunes provides a way to accomplish just that.
    [GUIDE] How To Hide iCloud Purchases in iTunes-1.png
    From you Music Library, open 'Preferences' and click on 'Store Preferences':
    [GUIDE] How To Hide iCloud Purchases in iTunes-2.png
    Make sure "Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases is unchecked.

    Once this is done, you will see the duplicates caused by iCloud copies of your music and movies being shown disappear.
    If you're looking for a missing iTunes purchase to re-download, enabling "Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases" can help you find and download those as well.
    03-06-2014 09:22 PM
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