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    If the little LED on your Apple TV blinks each time you press the Apple TV remote but the Apple TV doesn't respond. It can be a very simple fix so try the following.

    First Reboot
    Pull the power cord from the Apple TV
    Wait for a few minutes and plug it back in to reboot the Apple TV

    Second Un-pair/re-pair remote
    If after the reboot your Apple TV still doesn't respond to the remote
    Hold the "Menu" button and the rewind (<<) button together for six seconds

    [GUIDE] What To Do If Your Apple TV Doesn't Respond To Its Remote-apple-tv-remote.jpg

    Third Sticky note
    If the above two options don't work some people have reported using a peice of paper on the Apple TV. It supposedly focuses the beam removing interference from other remotes you may be using.
    Place the sticky note or peice of paper on the Apple TV over the IR reicever (1)

    [GUIDE] What To Do If Your Apple TV Doesn't Respond To Its Remote-appletv.png
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    Excellent guide.
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