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    How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan

    As part of our being a volunteer as an Ambassador we have been asked on a monthly basis to write a guide to help the members become more proficient at knowing how to use the operating system for the IOS device they own and are using so that members and guests at iMore feel at ease as for many this may be their very first IOS Device and in most cases it can be a nightmare and very confusing and that is what we are here for - To assist you and make things easy breaking things down step by step.

    Lately I have noticed in the forums especially one in particular known as IOS Apps and Games where the Developers go to introduce their new Apps and games to the members of iMore more members are asking about comparisons on specific apps. We all pay very close attention to this forum because without the Developers there would be no apps to introduce and let members know that there are new apps to check on.

    This time I am going to change things up a bit and do a guide on a well known and often asked about app called 'GENIUS SCAN' which is under the catagory of Productivity which is compared in some ways to the ever popular app called EverNote.
    The main purpose of Genius Scan is to use the built in camera which is what you would do more than any other way to scan in a document so to speak to work with and turn it into a regular document or PDF format and as you will see just how many things you you can do with it.

    I will do my best to make this simple because the app itself is feature rich and and very easy to learn and use.

    This will be the first thing you will see when you open the app. and get ready to use it.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-text-image-ui.png
    *Sorry about the ad but I used the free version for demo purposes only*

    At this point above you have the option to decide to use the built in camera or clicking on the right side side opposite the camera pic. and open your photos.
    When you first start the app it will ask your permission to be able to allow the app to have access to your camera roll - I would recommend saying YES. This will give you twp options on bringing in what you want to use.

    OK now with the first screenshot I used the built in camera to take a simple photo of a business card sized coupon as an example.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-image-2.png

    Notice by the Red Arrow this is the start of what you can do by tapping on it to open the next screen in the app.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-image-3.png

    As you can see now that you have a document we will call this for now again as an example where you can export the document and this is just the start. *NOTE: Evernote and Dropbox can only be used by upgrading to Genius Scan+ which is well worth it as well as the price.

    Once you open and take your photo or even pull something from your photo app you will be presented with many scan options.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-image-4.png

    Now if there is anything to be done this is where you would apply your enhancement as you can see where the red arrow indicates above.
    Ok so you can skip any enhancements as you are satisfied with the image so lets decide by the next shot you want to email it to someone.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-image5.png

    You have just now set up your document from what you wanted to do by choosing to email as indicated by the red arrow.
    Let's take another type of document using again the camera and you are going to see grid lines in the photo screen shot. This will allow you to line it up making use of making this type of document if it were for business reasons where you were going to save this as a PDF file for the recipient to open it and view it as a PDF file.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-image6.png

    After you choose you will be presented on how you want to save it and if PDF like previously mentioned the grid lines will now go away.
    As you can now see in the next screen you will first see the document that you took and saved and the same would hold true for the second one as well.
    By starting to sum this up if you ever want to remove to the document simply because you don't want it or need it any longer the next screen shot will take care of that.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-image7.png
    *Sorry about the ad but I used the free version for demo purposes only*

    Lastly I have cropped a screenshot from iTunes so that you can see a concise list of what 'Genius Scan' is capable of doing and what productivity you can get from this app and decide for yourself if this is right for you.
    Along with this app, EverNote and Dropbox it is the 3 top apps I use on a daily basis so there you have it and the Developer Grizzly Labs in constantly updating this app and bringing in more and more features, They also have very high reviews. Good luck and i hope this was useful to you.

    [GUIDE] How To Use The Productivity App Genius Scan-text-capture.png

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    Nicely done, thank you.
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    02-11-2014 01:40 AM
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    Thank you Jag!

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    Nice guide, Jag!!! I currently use Scanner Pro but I'm definitely going to try this...Thanks!!!
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    02-15-2014 12:00 AM
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    You are welcome Nikki and hope you like it as much as I do. I do use the paid version.
    02-15-2014 09:12 PM
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    Great guide Jag! thank you
    02-16-2014 06:52 PM

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