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    As we continue to upgrade from iPhone to iPhone, some of us may have an extra device that we'd like to pass along to a younger someone for use as an iPod. iOS gives us just the tools we need to restrict the settings on an iPhone to accomplish this goal.

    First we must get to the Restrictions menu (Settings>General>Restrictions)

    [GUIDE] How To Restrict Functions On An Older Device For Use As An iPod-capture.png

    There are many things you can restrict on your device to provide just the custom lockdown of the device that you would like.

    You will need to enable the restrictions (located at the top of the menu) and then you can hide certain apps or block access to them. When enabling restrictions, you will be asked to enter a pass code and you will have to enter the pass code subsequently when editing the restrictions on a device.

    We will mainly focus on blocking the editing of cellular data settings and in-app purchases as those will likely be two features you would like to restrict. In-app purchases will not be fully blocked but they will require a pass code before one is able to buy them. Also by blocking editing of cellular data settings, you can make sure that no cellular data is transmitted using the device (Cellular data must be turned off under the Cellular settings menu).

    These are just two of the features you can restrict and iOS 7 allows for a sizable combination of restrictions to be enabled in order to accommodate your needs.
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    Good job rayz. Good info when you wish as you said to pass your old phone on to another member of the family.
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