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    What Is AirDrop & How To Use It For Transferring Info Between Others

    After talking to many of my friends that have iPhones here at home in talking to them about the new IOS 7 features 2 of my friends asked me what AirDrop was and what is it for? After explaining to them what it was and activating it, I then shared one of my contacts with him as we were standing in front of each other and he thought it was pretty cool and wished he knew about it before especially when I told him the few other things AirDrop can be used for.

    Well, of course, the first thing I thought about was a 'HOW TO GUIDE' so here we go....

    AirDrop works by using WIFI and Bluetooth together and being within roughly 30 feet or less of the person or being on the same WIFI network. For this we will consider that there are 2 people with iPhones and the ability to have and activate AirDrop. Transfers are encrypted for security.

    AirDrop also requires you to have an iCloud Account.

    In the first screenshot You will see the AirDrop is not lit up or activated yet under your contact.

    [GUIDE] What Is AirDrop & How To Use It For Transferring Info Between Others-airdrop_1.png

    Now we want to turn on Airdrop and what better and easier way to do this is to launch your control panel.

    [GUIDE] What Is AirDrop & How To Use It For Transferring Info Between Others-airdrop_2.png

    Note that WIFI is already turned on so all we have to do is is to turn on Bluetooth. NOTE: Remember as I mentioned earlier you must be using WIFi and Bluetooth together. In this shot you can see AirDrop is not yet lit up. In the next screenshot you will see what we need to be turned on and the difference....

    [GUIDE] What Is AirDrop & How To Use It For Transferring Info Between Others-airdrop_3.png

    You will now notice the difference with both WIFI and Bluetooth both turned on - So is AirDrop. NOTE: Notice Under AirDrop it says Contacts Only. More on that later!

    You can now close your Control Panel as we are done setting up AirDrop. In the next screen shot you are going to see where AirDrop gives you a clear viewable notification that it is indeed on by now being lit up in BLUE.

    [GUIDE] What Is AirDrop & How To Use It For Transferring Info Between Others-airdrop_4.png

    As stated above you can clearly see that Airdrop is now activated and ready to use. For this demo the second arrow indicates we are going to share the contact info via messaging.
    Now all you have to do is tap the Message App and see the last screenshot and you will see how the contact info you are going to transfer to the other person is set up in the field you would normally type a message and type in who you are sharing it with. That's it and how it is to share contact info in this case with others as long as they meet the requirements previously stated.
    [GUIDE] What Is AirDrop & How To Use It For Transferring Info Between Others-airdrop_5.png

    These are just a few other items that AirDrop can be used for:

    AirDrop (iPhone 5 or later) lets you share your photos, videos, interesting websites, locations, and other items wirelessly with other nearby iOS 7 devices that support AirDrop.

    To wrap up I wanted to explain what the Contacts only in the demonstration meant and here is an explanation of that - Receive AirDrop items from others. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center. Tap AirDrop, then choose to receive items from Contacts only or from Everyone. You can accept or decline.
    That is it and now you know what AirDrop is and how to use it. I myself find it very handy and quick when you want to especially share contact info while talking to someone and want to share info fast. Try it and see how you like it! Best of luck.

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