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    How To Create A "Custom" Voicemail Greeting Via The iPhone App

    [NOTE]As a first time iPhone owner who wants to customize his phone we sometimes forget about the most basic of them all and in this case I am referring to creating a custom voicemail greeting so let me show you and a few easy steps how simple it is.[/NOTE]

    First of all of course from your homescreen open the native phone app...

    [GUIDE] How To Create A "Custom" Voicemail Greeting Via The iPhone App-image-1.png

    Once you have done that go to the icons on the bottom portion of the dial pad far right where you will see voicemail....

    [GUIDE] How To Create A "Custom" Voicemail Greeting Via The iPhone App-image-4.png

    Tap on the icon and open it up where you will see the nest screen where you will make 2 changes......

    [GUIDE] How To Create A "Custom" Voicemail Greeting Via The iPhone App-image-5.png

    [INFO]On this screen simply select 'CUSTOM' and select 'RECORD', Now record what you want to say for your voicemail greeting and that is it. You are now done creating a custom voicemail instead of the old plain default. Now you pretty much have your Native phone App set up and customized the way you want. That's it and good luck. More tweaks to come later to other parts of your new iPhone!![/INFO]

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