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    So you want to back up your phone or iPad and you don't have enough room to do this, you're getting errors. Not enough storage.

    Instead of repeating some things, see my post below on how to delete iCloud backups. Most often, this is going to be the culprit. When most people get new phones/iPads, they either don't know how or don't know how too delete the old backups. Once you get your new phone/iPad set up, you need to go into iCloud and delete your old backups and then make sure you backup your new device. Pretty easy, and will most likely fix 99% of the back up errors.

    Deleting and iCloud back up:http://forums.imore.com/guides-how-a...d-back-up.html
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    Thanks for the reminder, it's good to know.
    11-27-2013 11:11 PM

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