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    How To Remove Attachment Photos Or Images From iMore?

    [NOTE]In one of the new forums that was formed a few weeks ago called, 'Asked A Question', there was a member that asked a question in which I would have never thought of giving consideration to making into a guide. As the posts progressed, and a few more people became involved in answering the OPs question, although there were several variations of answers to his question, for the most part, everyone was on point.
    The main reason why I am writing this guide is because of the misunderstanding about whether you can actually delete photos or images once you upload to iMore and its server.

    This is a very simple process, and I can see where many people who like to include images and photos to maybe help others with examples of how to do certain things on questions asked throughout the entire forum or how to do various functions on your phone. Now that iOS 7 is out with the new new iPhones and iPads, it is even more critical to include images at times to help explain your answer to the person asking. I looked at my own uploads and have 22 pages of varying photos and images, and while I don't care, I can see where others would.[/NOTE]
    So here you go if you just want to empty or remove what you uploaded for any reason!


    1. First of all, go to the 'Edit Post' button and tap that.
    2. Next, hit the button that says 'Go Advanced'.
    3. From there, on the left hand side, you will see a button that says 'Manage Images'.
    4. The important part is that the box that pops up is iMore's advanced image uploader and whatever you upload using this tool, be it from your Computer or Photobucket or Dropbox or whatever your favorite tool is to save to your computer or the Cloud, will appear in the upper portion of the uploader.


    You know how you got it there - now so whether you are going to upload it or, in this case, want to delete one or more images, they will have to be on the bottom portion of the uploader as the screen shot will show you. The only thing you will not see in the screen shot, because of the way I have to snip it, is an X in the upper right corner of the image, but I assure you once you move your mouse cursor over it, the X will appear and you simply have to click on it. This will prompt a white box that will ask you if you are sure you wish to remove or delete this asset? Your answer, of course, will be yes.

    If you have many pages like the 22 I eluded to above, all you have to do is drag as many images from the top portion to the bottom part and place a check mark in the image. Be it 1 or or 10 of them, hit the X on any image to prompt the box to pop up and ask you if you wish to delete the assets?

    That is all you have to do to clean out many of your uploaded images that ,over a period of time, you placed into a post you answered or thread you started. I hope this helps you if you ever have the need or desire to remove them.
    See, sometimes it pays off to ask that question that you might not think is important and it turns out to get you that good advice that iMore is known for and specializes in doing for its members and guests. Please see the 2 Screenshots below to make everything clear for you and once again thank you.

    [GUIDE] How To Remove Attachment Photos Or Images From iMore?-capture.png

    [GUIDE] How To Remove Attachment Photos Or Images From iMore?-capture1.png

    To sum up, Sometimes it pays to ask those questions even from a seasoned member like the one who asked this one and the reason why we started this Forum to best help any of our many members and guests that frequent iMore!!
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    This guide was indeed needed. Thank you for putting it together for the iMore community. It is appreciated ...
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    Nice guide!
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