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    Here's a quick guide to show you how to set the auto brightness feature in iOS 7.

    Setting the auto brightness on your iPhone running iOS 7 is a simple process that takes just a couple of minutes. First, go to a dimly lit room. [GUIDE] How To Set Auto Brightness with iOS7-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1383710432.854136.jpg
    Now go to settings, then scroll down to wallpapers & brightness. Make sure auto brightness is toggled to off. [GUIDE] How To Set Auto Brightness with iOS7-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1383710533.072002.jpg Next, move the brightness control to the left to make the screen as dim as possible while still being able to see the screen comfortably. Then, turn the auto brightness toggle on.

    [GUIDE] How To Set Auto Brightness with iOS7-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1383710633.564164.jpg Now, it's time to test the auto brightness feature to see if it's set to your preference. Go into a well light area or room, and the brightness control should move slowly to the right as the screen becomes brighter. When you dim the lights, the auto brightness control will move slowly to the left as the screen dims.

    [GUIDE] How To Set Auto Brightness with iOS7-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1383710677.912316.jpg Of course, if you need to adjust the screen brightness quickly, you can access a brightness control from the control center. However, auto brightness can only be set from the settings app. Thanks for reading.
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    Nice, thanks for the heads up.
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    Very nice guide - Very nice job!
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