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    For those of you who have updated to 7.0.3 for iOS 7 consider yourself lucky and for those who have not yet updated you should as I finally found out this weekend, There are strong benefits in the way of password security for the internet.

    You will now have a fully functioned and enabled version of iCloud Keychain. This new feature will help you to save your passwords and also help to generate stronger and more secure ones syncing them across all your idevices.

    Here is how simple it is:

    Lets start off by making sure that Keychain in enabled. Go to Settings>iCloud>iCloud Keychain.
    Important reminder: This will not work if you do not have Keychain enabled inside your iCloud account

    Since this is a new feature it is also important to keep in mind that this feature will not be completely compatible with all sites because they do not want you to save passwords on their site or have not been made compatible yet.

    Give those sites time to change or catch up. If the Password Generator doesn't show up or allow you to save a password don't panic or worry, You have not done anything wrong and as I previously stated, These site are just not compatible yet. Eventually these sites will catch up and allow Keychain to be used.


    1. Start off by launching Safari from your Home Screen of either your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Go to the site you wish to create an account and save a Password for.
    3. Fill out the typical information field that is needed to create an account and then tap on the Password Field where you create your password.
    4. You should now see above the keyboard where there will be an option to: Suggest a Password. Now just tap on it to create the password. Remember as i said, If you don't see this then the site simply just does not support Keychain yet.
    5. iCloud Keychain is not going to generate a strong password for you and automatically sync it across ALL your devices. Important: If you get an error... Don't panic, Again you have done nothing wrong other than the fact that the site has chosen to block saved passwords.In this case for now use common sense and create your own strong password. That is all there is to it.


    [GUIDE] Generating A Password Automatically With iCloud Keychain And iOS 7-icloud-keychain.png

    Along with all of my guides I like to give credit for the information provided to me by the iMore blog writers. I merely interpret the info in my own way and write a guide to place in the forums for our members that for some reason don't like to read the blog.

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    Nicely done, thank you.
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    Well done Jag!
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