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    With iOS 7 being out for just about a month, I am sure many of you are learning more and more about it as you go along. I am also sure that many of our forum members don't spend much time reading our great blog articles that the writers spend so much time on.

    I thought I would provide this short tutorial, mainly for the gamers of iMore, that might help you out with playing your games better. If you've already found this out, pass these tips and tricks on to your buddies in the gaming section of the iMore forums.

    Sometimes when playing games, depending on the gestures the games have, you might not want the Control Center to activate and get in your way so here is a simple tip or trick to keep the Control Center from activating while playing these games.

    Here's How...


    1. Tap on the Settings App from your iPhone or iPad
    2. Tap on the Control Center
    3. Toggle the option that says Access Within Apps to the OFF Position


    Believe it or not, that is all you have to do. Now you can play any game that requires lots of gestures, and not have to worry about the Control Center activating accidentally. When you are done playing the game(s), you can go right back into the Settings App and re-enable the feature so you can use it whenever you want and when you are into other apps that you would need to have it.

    I hope this helps out and once again as I always like to give credit where it is due...Thank you to our great Blog Writers for help with providing the information for me to pass along to our forum members. Now both sides of iMore have the usage of the 'How To Articles'
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    Well done Sir. Thanks...
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    Thank you John!
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