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    [NOTE]One item I have noticed from the time the new iPhone 5S was officially announced in term of color, Storage and specs it seems that almost everyone learned from their previous phone experience that they needed more storage and when they announced in the various threads that they were getting a new iPhone and especially when it came to the 5S the color and storage of what they were going to get, It seems like almost everyone decided to doubled their storage as I did. I decided on a Space Gray 32 GB 5S currently having a Black 16 GB 4S.

    More features with iOS 7 seem to bring on more applications that they can add more information to and more people deciding because of the OS itself they are going to sync more music, photos and videos that take up room. Having said that I thought it would be a good idea to remind and let everyone know what options you have to sync what you want on your new iPhone and at the same time give you choices to keep from running out of the storage you spent more money for. With having said this...[/NOTE] Let me give you some ideas:

    The first thing you want and need to do is to look at what you have on your phone and identify what is using your storage the most.

    • Launch your Settings App
      Tap on General and then usage
    • Look at your storage section and let it load all that you have on your phone. Go into any item which will give you more info on what is taking up how much space.

    This list will give you from most to least and allow you to determine what you might want to keep and what to take off and store off the phone but more on that later.
    On iOS 7 you can find out how much space your message app is taking up which might surprise you and if you are keeping lots of texts conversations or ones you don't need, You might like to think about getting rid of them, They take up a lot of storage.

    [INFO]Almost all of us love to take photos and videos so we forget about our camera roll. We can certainly take them off our phone but then you want to show a photo or video tp a friend and it is not there so what do you do if you put them on your computer?

    fortunately there are quite a few helpful apps that you can install on your phone that will help you to store these photos and videos by uploading them so you can still have access to them to send to your friends anytime you want. My personal favorites are DropBox and PhotoBucket. In other words - Don't forget to clean out your camera roll when needed which many forget about but with these apps installed on your phone you will always have access to them.[/INFO]
    This link will also give you some other storage ideas that iMore likes for Cloud storage for your photos and videos.
    Who can you trust with your memories? iPhone photo storage options compared! | iMore

    Also this link will give you what you need to know about DropBox which is true Cloud Storage.

    So that is it as far as to give you some storage ideas that we often forget about and then wonder why our phone storage is getting thin.
    With the new iPhones and OS that has just come out, We are doubling our storage on what we are buying, The phone is faster and can do more so we are using them more and placing a whole lot more on them as I mentioned previous. Hopefully with this small storage guide, Your phone will stay clean and not bogged down with space you have forgotten about - Now here's the way to control that. Good Luck! Thank you once again from the iMore Blog for their help.

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