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    Using The Native Twitter App To Customize And Manage iOS Push Notifications

    [INFO]With the anticipation of the new iPhones looming right around the corner and many people coming over to iMore by the threads and posts we are seeing from all of you telling us that you are leaving your current platform and coming over to the iOS side I thought I would write up a quick 'How To' on one of everyone's favorite social Apps to use and that is Twitter. This native app is a bit different on our platform and I know you will all want to know how to use it so you can jump right in.

    If you are going to use Twitter to it's fullest extent you might want to know how to manage and even customize the Push Notifications and this will be true for iPad as well.
    If you tweet a lot you may want to know just about everything going on in your timeline like if someone mentions you in a tweet or you tweeted something and someone retweets it. There are many things even if someone you are following tweets something and you want to know what and when they tweeted. You have the option to choose what to receive.[/INFO]

    Let's show you how this is done...

    Before you start please make sure that Twitter is set to send you Notifications in the General Settings and under Notifications. In other words just make sure that Twitter is activated under the Notification Center. OK NOW... Go For It!

    • Launch the Twitter App from your home screen on your iPhone or iPad
    • Tap on the Me tab on the bottom navigation bar
    • Tap on the Settings Gear under your profile picture
    • In the next menu that pops up, Click on Settings
    • Now go ahead and tap on Notifications

    You can now choose what you want to be notified of such as Tweets, Retweets, Mentions, favorites and much more. Simply turn ON what you want to be notified of and turn OFF what you don't. That's it and remember one important item... You can tune this to exactly who you want to hear from, like someone you follow or not.

    [NOTE]With our newest wave of members that we see coming over in big numbers on the polls we are conducting, and just seeing you using the Introduction forum to come in and Introduce yourselves to us, we just knew that one of the first things you will want to know how to use is one of the biggest Social Apps available so here you are. If you have an iPhone now use this guide to set up Twitter properly and when you get that new iPhone 5C or 5S in your hand, you can install it, set it up, and go crazy using it to follow your friends so have fun.

    Lastly we want to thank all of our members for being loyal to us, and special thanks to all of the new members coming over to be part of all the new excitement going on at iMore!![/NOTE]

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