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    I'm a custom kind of guy. No one could ever accuse me of using my devices in the default configuration. I like to customize anything I own as much as possible so it feels like mine. One of the things I love about Mac OS is the ability to easily change the icons to anything I want. It can be done manually like I’m about to show you or it can be done using an app called “CandyBar”. If the manual thing is not your cup of tea CandyBar is free but it is not supported anymore. So while it might work for your current OS, there is no guarantee that it will work for upcoming OSes.

    Panic Blog CandyBar, Mountain Lion, and Beyond

    Now in order to change the icon manually you need an image to use. You can use just about any image but the better the image looks the better your resulting icon. You will need another free app “img2icns” to change regular image files (jpg,png,etc) to an icon image. Once you have img2icns get the image you want to use for your icon. If you are familiar with an image editor like Photoshop or something similar. I have found that removing the white background from some images and saving it as a .png file will create a much nicer icon image. You want to save as .png in order to keep the transparent background. It will also give the image a more 3D feel to it. You can also find icon files on the internet so if you're not handy with an image editor that is another option for you.

    [GUIDE] How to change Mac OS icons-1.png

    Once you have your image ready fire up img2icns. Choose your format, either Icns file or Folder icon. Since we are doing this manually it will be easier to choose Folder icon. Tip: I create a folder where I store all my icons aptly named “Icons”, yes I know how original. Check your Export path: this is where your icon image will be saved. Now drag your image into the box in img2icns and after a little while it will output your Folder icon file. Now right click on whatever icon, folder you want to change and choose “Get Info”. Now do the same for the new Folder icon created by img2icns. In the upper left corner you will see the icon image. Click the image, it will be outlined in a faint blue. Now use the key combo Command + C to copy the image. Click the Get Info sheet of the icon you want to change to make it active. Click the icon in the upper left and again it will be highlighted in a faint blue. Now use the key combo Command + V to paste. Depending on whether you are changing a folder icon or a system icon you may be prompted to enter your user password to verify the changes. The icons will not show the change until after a reboot. Voila you are done!

    My Image for an icon
    [GUIDE] How to change Mac OS icons-2.png

    Using an image editor I removed some parts of the image *Optional*
    [GUIDE] How to change Mac OS icons-3.png

    Using img2icns to create my icon
    [GUIDE] How to change Mac OS icons-4.png

    The two icons (new icon and icon to be changed) side by side
    [GUIDE] How to change Mac OS icons-5.png

    Highlighted icon image (upper left corner)
    [GUIDE] How to change Mac OS icons-6.png

    Custom icons
    [GUIDE] How to change Mac OS icons-7.png

    Tip: Until you get the hang of the process you might want to start with folder icons first.
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