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    [INFO]Here in the iMore forums, we spend a great deal of time helping other members with problems they may be experiencing while using their Apple products. Although we don't mind helping others, there are times when a reservation with an Apple Genius Bar is the best course of action, and hopefully, this guide will help you prepare for that appointment.[/INFO]
    [TIP]There are a few ways you can make a Genius Bar reservation:

    • Call your nearest Apple Store
    • Online via http://concierge.apple.com/reservati...n/techsupport/
    • Use the Apple Store app by doing the following:
      1. Launch the app
      2. Pick the Stores tab
      3. Find your friendly neighborhood Apple Store in the store directory and select it
      4. Click Genius Bar
      5. Tap the item that matches your problem device
      6. Pick a date/time
      7. Tap Book Reservation

    • Travel to the nearest Apple Store

    [/TIP][NOTE]Note: Although Apple Stores accept a limited amount of walk-in appointments, I do NOT recommend it because I've yet to enter an Apple Store when it was not crowded with people. Still, it's your time and your decision.
    [INFO]Now before going to your Genius Bar reservation, especially for iOS device-related problems, backup your data via iCloud, iTunes or both as a precautionary measure. If you have music and videos, especially those that were not purchased via iTunes, I recommend you copy or move them to your PC, Mac, external hard drive or online storage to be retrieved after your Genius Bar visit, if necessary.
    [TIP]After backing up your data, here's what to do when you arrive for your appointment:

    • Approach a team member (Apple employee) and let them know you have a reservation and ask them to check you in.
    • Alternatively, you can check in via the Apple Store app, if applicable.

    [/TIP][NOTE]Note: There's usually a large wall display showing the order in which those with reservations will be assisted by a Genius.

    [INFO]When your turn comes, you will more than likely be approached by an Apple Genius who will ascertain your information as well as the problem you are having with your Apple product. Depending on the problem, it will either be fixed or you will be given a replacement device. You will also be told of any applicable charges. Furthermore, your replacement iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will have been restored with your data. If not, they will more than likely ask that you connect to their in-store Wi-Fi network, log in to iCloud, if applicable, and restore from your most recent iCloud backup. Of course, you don't have to.[/INFO] [NOTE]Anyway, your reservation will usually last no more than 15 minutes, but could be longer depending on the problem. [/NOTE] [TIP]For more information regarding Genius Bar reservations, please visit the Apple Website via the following link: https://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/#mn_p [/TIP]

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    Great write up! Just to add to your tip about checking in upon arrival. Both Apple stores I frequent have 2-3 employees standing in about the middle of the store with iPads that handle all the check in.

    And typically when asking a regular sale associate they just direct you to them. So I suggest just tracking down those with the iPads.
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    08-02-2013 03:23 PM
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    i always use the app, never had an issue

    well there was one. i accidentally made an appt for another store but the one i was at still accommodated the scheduled time. in fact 15 min early!
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    08-03-2013 12:49 AM

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