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    How To Automatically Post Instagram Photos Directly To A Facebook Page

    Facebook Guide Number 2:

    [NOTE]Instagram has got to be one of the most popular photo apps that many of us use. You can use it for personal use, but did you know that you can use it for business? If you want, you can even **tie your personal and business accounts together so that your images automatically go to your business page instead of your personal page.

    **How to connect your Facebook personal page with your business page:

    [INFO]So you’ve got a business page on Facebook but people are still finding your personal profile and trying to friend you there.If you want to keep your personal profile separate from your business page, and grow those “Likes” on Facebook, listen up.
    Here’s a simple way to make sure that those finding you on Facebook know about your business or blog so you can grow your “Likes”.
    Connecting your personal profile to your business page on Facebook

    • First, log into Facebook
    • Then head to your Facebook Page that you are an admin of
    • Click on the “Admin Panel” button in the upper right hand side
    • Click on the “Manage” button, then “Edit”
    • Select “Featured” from the list on the left
    • Under “Page Owners” click on “edit (or add) featured page owner”
    • Select yourself (you should pop up since you are the admin for this page)
    • Hit Save

    Note! Your Business Page will now show you as an admin with a link to your personal profile. In turn, the “About” page of your personal profile will show and link to your page.
    This is where it makes it easy for non-friends to see how to follow you, on your Business Page!
    Want to go one extra step?
    Add a note to your “About” profile on your personal profile suggesting that visitors come and “Like” your Facebook Business Page.
    A fun and easy note like the one below will do the trick.
    “So happy you found me! Interested in {enter your what your business does here} then come and visit me on my business page {enter link}”

    [INFO]We use Instagram to take many different kinds of photos for many different reasons, whether we post to Facebook - which is what this guide is all about - or upload to other social media. Let's not forget all those cool filters the app has built in that we can use to enhance the pics in lots of fun ways![/INFO]

    Here we go:

    • Launch the Instagram app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
    • Tap on the Profile icon in the bottom navigation. It's the one to the far right.
    • Now tap on the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner.
    • Under Preferences tap on Share Settings.
    • Now tap on Facebook.
    • Under Facebook options, tap on Share to which is defaulted to your personal timeline.
    • Instagram should now route you to Facebook where you'll get a message asking if you give Instagram permission to manage your pages. Tap Ok.
    • You'll now be routed back to Instagram where a complete list of all the pages you manage will now be present. Just tap on the one you'd like your Instagram photos to automatically filter to.


    [NOTE]This process is extremely easy to do, and if you follow the list above you will be able to upload a photo or multiple photos to your Facebook page in no time at all. You can apply filters to them to make them look better or simply make them look hilarious so when you have that group chat with your friends or relatives, You will have something to talk about. Once again good luck and have fun. [/NOTE]

    * This guide was written as it was originally with iOS 6 and above in mind. If you are using any variant of iOS 7 Beta there is going to certainly more than likely be differences in these guides. Please keep this in mind if you are not using a currently Approved public release iOS. Thank you!

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