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    ​Guide To Revoke And Remove Access To Facebook Third party Apps On Your iPhone Or iPad

    [INFO]We are all just forgetful about how many apps we allow Facebook to access, and the next thing we know we are wondering where all our personal information and profiles came from.
    We start to get blasted with ads and email geared to us that are unwanted and just plain annoying.[/INFO][NOTE]It may surprise you to discover how many apps you no longer want/need, or even knew you had. These are the ones you are going to revoke access to or remove.[/NOTE][NOTE]Lucky for you I am going to give the heavy lifting and props to Allyson Kazmucha - the How To Editor from the iMore blog - for putting this tutorial together. Hey you have to give credit where credit is due and she is very good at her job. Lets get started.

    • Open your Facebook app whether it is on your iPhone or iPad
    • In the upper right hand corner you will locate your menu icon - tap on that
    • Scroll down until you locate your privacy settings
    • You are likely to find a very large list of running apps that you have unknowingly given permission to your personal information and or profile without realizing it.
    • Tap on the name oft the app to which you wish to access
    • Scroll down so that you can complete this step by removing the app you no longer need or want.

    [/INFO]At this point the app will be removed and no longer have access to your Facebook account.

    [TIP]Do you wonder how you got these unwanted apps to begin with? Let's take a look at two possible ways this could have happened: Using large numbers of social apps, or playing lots of games which require logging in with Facebook.[/TIP]

    iMore recommends that for privacy reasons you only grant access to apps that you trust and use on a regular basis.

    ​We often take for granted the popular social apps that many of us use, such as Facebook and Twitter that rely on personal information from us for many things, whether it is to make our experience better or saying Welcome John upon our return to game play. You should make it a habit to review your apps every so often so that you will know which ones are accessing your info and perhaps stop it before it gets out of hand.

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    07-24-2013 07:25 PM
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    Nice write up Jan!
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    08-27-2013 08:10 AM
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    Good job Jan. Very well done

    Thanks for all the hard work you and others have done on the guides recently. I truly hope these are helping better the community.
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    08-27-2013 08:38 AM
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    I certainly would like to think that it does. I look at 2 things once they are made public... Views and comments and on every guide and for that matter any thread we start the views far exceed the comments which are few and far between and how do I look at this? There might not be many comments but when I place even a blog article over to the forum and in 15 mins that are 30-40 or more views i know they are being read and they may nottell tell us how they feel but all the views are good enough for me.
    I thought it was a good idea then, now and sometimes I run out of an idea and it always comes to me but I think if it is good enough for the blog, it is sure good enough for us.

    Darrick once told me, Not everyone goes to the blog and Alli reminded me of this same comment so we bring it to them and the views are evidence of this.
    We have a few Ambassadors that blow me away with their thoughts and writing so YES it helps for sure.
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