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    Everyone knows how to use Safari for browsing the web, just type in the URL and you're off. But what happens when you want to clear your cookies, turn on private browsing, or even change the default search engine? Those things aren't directly accessible from within the Safari application. You'll have to go into the settings menu to find those options. This guide is designed to help you figure out the intricate details of Safari's browser settings.

    Navigating to the Browser Settings

    Everything discussed in this guide can be found in the Safari settings. To get to Safari's settings, you have to open the Settings app on your iPhone's Homescreen. Once you're in the Settings app, scroll down until you see the menu selection for "Safari." From here, you can access and modify all the settings for your Safari web browser.

    The "General" Safari Settings

    The first section in this menu allows you to customize some of the general settings of Safari. Those settings include setting your search engine, turning on Autofill for names, passwords, and personal information, and deciding whether to open new links in the current page or in the background.

    Privacy while on your Safari

    The next section of the Safari settings is all about your browsing privacy. The first option is "Private Browsing." Having this option on allows you to browse in complete privacy. Your history won't be saved, passwords won't be remembered, and cookies won't be accepted. This is a good option to use when you don't want what you're doing to be recorded.

    Next in the privacy section is "Accept Cookies." Customizing this allows you to decide if you want to allow websites to save and track your settings using cookies. This is often a matter of personal preference, but my recommendation is leaving cookies on to get the best Safari experience.

    The next two menu options are closely related. "Clear History" will do just that, clear out your browser history. "Clear Cookies and Data" will allow you to clear all the cookies and saved website data Safari has collected while you have been browsing the web. These are important to protect your privacy and to reset your browser settings, if you're ever requested to do so.

    Other Security Options

    The remainder of the options in the Safari Settings Menu involve other security features. One lets you choose if you want to see a fraud warning when you're visiting a possibly dangerous website. The next allows you to turn JavaScript on or off, and the third allows you to block pop-ups in Safari. These are pretty self-explanatory features and I won't spend much time on them here.

    Advanced options

    At the bottom of the Safari settings menu is an option to view "advanced" settings. It's not recommended to mess with advanced features unless you know what you're doing. We recommend staying away from the advanced tab unless you know what you may be deleting while there.


    Well, that's about all I've got for you this time around. We've covered all the Safari options and you should now have a better idea how to manipulate Safari's settings. If you are ever looking to delete some cookies or browse in privacy, just come back and check out this guide.
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