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    How to add cards and other items to Passbook

    [INFO]There are many apps in the App Store that already support Passbook. They aren't always loyalty cards or gift cards either. Did you know that the Popular website is one of the most popular places to add items to save money? Airlines such as American Airlines and United allow you to store boarding passes in Passbook.The process for adding cards may differ from app to app depending on how the developer chose to implement Passbook. The example I am going to use is my Starbucks card because I use it all the time.
    Let's open the Starbucks Card.
    Within the app there there will be settings for Passbook. In this case, I can tap on the Manage button underneath the myCard tab.
    Now tap the Manage button.
    Tap on Add Card to Passbook.
    The app should show you a preview of your Starbucks card. Now all I have to do is tap Add in the top right corner.
    That's it, Now open the Passbook app in order to confirm that the card is there and ready for you to use.[/INFO]

    Access your items in Your Passbook

    [NOTE]Launch the Passbook App from the Home screen of your iPhone.Here you will see any card you've added to Passbook. Simply tap on the card you'd like to view or use.
    Once you are done using that card you can either tap the Home Button to exit out of Passbook, tap it again to return it to your Passbook stack or Swipe Downwards. Any of these gestures will return you to the main Passbook screen.[/NOTE]

    Refresh items in your Passbook

    [INFO]Every once in a while apps don't refresh as often as we'd like in Passbook so if you think your balance or point value is not right, you can manually refresh that card on your own. Launch the Passbook App from the Home screen of your iPhone.
    Tap into the card you'd like to refresh.
    Tap the small Info Button in the bottom right hand corner of the card.
    The card will turn over to reveal some information. This may vary from card to card but across all cards you can see the last time it was updated at the very top.
    To refresh it manually just Pull Down And Let Go on the screen in order to update the card yourself.

    Tap the Done button in the upper right hand corner to flip the card back over.[/INFO]

    Delete items and cards from Passbook

    [INFO]Things that expire such as coupons are probably something you'll want to delete on a regular basis so they don't clutter up your Passbook app. It's very simple to delete a card from inside Passbook itself. Launch the Passbook App from the Home screen of your iPhone.
    Tap into the card you'd like to delete from the main screen.Tap the small Info Button in the bottom right hand corner of the card.Tap on the Trash Icon in the upper right hand corner.Confirm that you want to delete the card by tapping on Delete.
    Passbook will now run the card through a virtual shredder and delete it from Passbook.[/INFO]

    [NOTE]I have included a few Passbook compatible apps chosen by Allyson Kazmucha one of our own iMore bloggers and in no way is this an endorsement on her part but merely suggestions to start out and there are many more that are now compatible and available in the iTunes app store.[/NOTE]

    Lastly I should mention that by going to, via your iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 6 or later, you can go to any coupon you want that is supported in the passbook section and just hit ADD TO PASSBOOK to make things super simple to add to your passbook.

    *This guide was researched from the iMore Blogs and all credit should be given to the blog writer. I put my own spin on it and hope it is useful to those who DO wish you use the Passbook to keep all of their coupons, Gift Cards, and Loyalty Cards along with their store discount cards in one place.*

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