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    What is iCloud and how do I use it?

    So most of you see iCloud on your phone but do you know what it is exactly and how to use it. iCloud is Apple's cloud-based service (internet) that is provided to you for free. Once you log into iCloud on your device --Settings> iCloud--
    you will see toggles for the following:

    Photo stream
    Documents and data
    Find my iPhone

    Those are the things that iCloud can backup and sync for you so, in the event you lose your device or damage it, your data can be recovered. You can simply restore a new phone using your iCloud backup or simply login to iCloud on your new device and watch your info sync right back to your phone. But wait, it does more than just back up those things, it will also sync those items between your devices as long as you are logged in on both devices with the same iCloud email address. That means if you update a contact or update your calendar on your iPhone it will be updated on your iPad as well.
    Save website links in safari? Don't worry. They will be on all your devices.

    * I should mention if you want your notes to sync, you have to setup a @me or an @icloud address which is basically an Apple email address.

    Under iCloud, you will also see a sub menu called Storage and backup. This is where you can manage your backups and see how much space you have left for your iCloud storage as well as force a manual iCloud backup. Your device will automatically perform a backup while charging and when connected to wifi and when the screen is locked. You have 5Gb, by default, for free, but If you need more you can purchase more. You can also go to iCloud.com on a desktop computer and log in to access your calendar, contacts, and documents.

    So how do you use it ?

    Well, that's the best part. Once you have it setup, you're using it all the time! Even doing everyday stuff like taking a picture to updating a phone number.

    Do you have to use it ?

    No, you do not, but it will make your life easier if do, and you will appreciate it if you ever upgrade to a new iPhone or add a iPad to your list of devices.

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