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    Exclusive: Google, Apple CEOs in talks on patent issues | Reuters

    This will lead to nothing. Apple makes and sells high-end consumer products, and software that runs on their products. Google is about advertising and data mining and selling that.

    Google couldn't care less about selling consumer products or software.
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    FIrst of all, Google does produce some consumer products... the Nexus 7 tablet is one that comes to mind immediately.

    Regarding the super secret patent discussions, could it be that Google is meeting with Apple on behalf of all of there device-building Android partners? Would it make sense for Google to hammer out an agreement with Apple and then allow the hardware manufacturers to use those licensed patents through their agreements with Google and the whole android ecosystem?

    Since I'm not a patent attorney, I don't know what is or is not possible... but it's something to think about.
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    But Google isn't into the device for the sake of making the device... for them, It's a method of delivering advertising and a data collection device for points of data that can be aggregated and sold. Google is not about the hardware.
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    This combination would provide Google an even stronger identity in the consumer world.

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