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    Not sure if this is related to jailbreaking or not, but thought people in here might know if it is and how to fix it. I have set up my gmail through exchange using the correct settings and set it to push email as it arrive. About half the time it works. I cannot figure out when it quits pushing the mail to me, but eventually I will realize I haave not got a new email in a while and go into the mail app and all the mail I haven't been getting comes through. But, then I try to swipe to delete the email, and it won't delete it. I actually have to go out of the mail program, terminate it and then reopen it. Then everything is good again...for while.

    Anyone know what it could be? Notable j/b programs are lockinfo, elert, bitesms....

    Thanks in advance!!
    02-08-2011 03:29 PM