1. Massie's Avatar
    Here's the issue: I have multiple accounts that all funnel into a single Gmail account. That single account is on my iPhone as an Exchange account.

    When I compose a mail from one of the multiple accounts (using the web interface on my computer) it always sends a copy to my Inbox on the Exchange account. Anyone else experiencing this?

    I've read about "Recent Mode" for Gmail, but turning that off doesn't seem to be an option for Exchange. And really I don't mind them showing up, but I'd love to be able to have them arrive as already marked Read. As it is, I get notified of new mail only to unlock my phone and realize it's just my own sent mail.
    01-10-2011 04:04 PM
  2. dpscott's Avatar
    Have a look at the solution posted on the main page today Daily Tip: How to get a better Gmail experience on iPhone | TiPb
    01-10-2011 04:33 PM
  3. Cleveland's Avatar
    If you go I to gmail filters block incoming emails to yourself ... Had a similar issue with bb's
    01-10-2011 06:59 PM
  4. jonmark's Avatar
    I have that issue with the mail app on my MacBook .. if I compose an email on my iPhone or on the web on my Mac, it'll appear as an unread in the MacBook mail app. Random.
    01-10-2011 11:03 PM