1. ryace33's Avatar
    Hello everyone. I am having a bit difficulty on one specific customization I am trying to make the the Gmail Exchange setup on the iPhone.

    I do have my Gmail account setup on the iPhone as Exchange. When I delete a email via the iPhone, the email is removed from my Webmail Gmail inbox, a copy is then placed in Trash and then another copy is also placed in the "All Mail" folder. To prevent duplicate deleting efforts and to also save space, I would that the deleted email only went to Trash and now All Mail. I found a Google lab called "Advanced IMAP settings" that says it may fix this issue, but I was unable to get any success with the lab.

    Has anyone ran into this problem, and if so, have you found a workaround/fix?

    03-03-2010 09:05 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...you have to use the MOVE feature vs. the delete feature.
    03-03-2010 09:18 AM