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    I thought since I bet a lot of people here use gmail that we could share our most complicated gmail filters.

    Here is mine:
    Matches: from:(-NYTimes -Newsletter -newegg_news) subject:(-CCS: -"UPS Compass Online" -Sourceforge.net -Newsletter -Xbox-Scene -E-tips) (((Track Your Package) OR (Has Shipped Track) OR (Shipped Ebay)) (UPS OR Fedex OR USPS OR ("Post System" Ebay))) -{label:ads---newsletters OR label:forums---discussion-groups}
    Do this: Apply label "Order Tracking", Never send it to Spam
    I would use the code tags but it didn't wrap right and i didn't feel like working at it.

    What bugs me is that Gmail filters are all ran at once. There is no sequence to the filter process. So The -label part would be able to take care of a lot of the exceptions i have in the subject and from fields. Those fields are pretty much copies of the filters i have set for incoming mail on my ads and newsletters.

    Also I had to use adsnewsletters in place of Ads & Newsletter which is the real title of that label.
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