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    Earlier today I went to check my email. Opened the app, AOL beat out Gmail in checking which normally doesn't happen. About 30 seconds later a message popped up on the screening saying something about I needed to enter a password for my Gmail account. I went to the settings and the password was there, and correct. No matter how many times I did it nothing would work.

    I ended up deleting the account, but being that I wanted to check it quick I just put in my address and password into the iPhone client instead of the manual IMAP setup that Google recommends.

    Just now I did the manual IMAP setup. Now I'm getting the same message again with it telling me I need to enter a password?

    iPhone or Gmail problem?

    Edit - More info, it's been fine for months and yes IMAP is enable on my Gmail account.
    08-06-2009 05:38 PM