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    1/ See and ignore initial user reports found on Apple Support Forums.
    2/ Shrug off as "Weird - and we can't replicate that here" on phone Support; rely on fan base on Forums to discount the problem to “Idiot users.”
    3/ Act with surprise when Media starts to report problem; say “First we’ve heard of it.”
    4/ Deny.
    5/ You’re holding it wrong.
    6/ Build a temporary fix, explaining it as a ‘feature’.
    7/ Disable any software that actually reports problem still exists. Call that a ‘feature’.
    8/ Threaten to counter-sue anyone who sues Company for being ‘less-than-transparent’.
    9/ Fire staff responsible for problem. Unless it's Jony Ive. Give him raise and apologize.
    10/ Actually fix problem. Costs pennies on the dollar. After AppleCare lapses on product.
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