1. phonejunky's Avatar
    Steve said what most have said. Even though people here seem to get emotional when forum members say it.

    10-25-2017 05:11 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I must have missed something. What specifically did Woz say that people here seem to get emotional about?
    10-25-2017 07:14 AM
  3. Tartarus's Avatar
    I think he means that Steve said that “Apple is doomed”.
    10-25-2017 09:15 AM
  4. RaybanRJ's Avatar
    Even what he said 5 years ago alarmed me


    A few months ago I was sent a link where Woz was seen holding an android phone at some event regarding Apple (I believe) and it caused quite a stir. I am trying to find that post on my Facebook wall, easier said than done.

    Edit: I asked my buddy where that link is now and he said this:

    "Yeah it was from a computer tech writer who was at the Apple meeting and had seen Wozniak with the phone; he apparently likes to keep up on all the different phones on the market"
    Last edited by RaybanRJ; 10-25-2017 at 04:42 PM.
    10-25-2017 12:09 PM

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