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    I was wondering how widespread (if widespread it is) the issue with weird, distorted sounds from the iPad is. I have had to return and replace 3 iPad Pro 9.7 devices due to this issue. Each time this screeching noise happens I have been in iMessage. As I usually use voice dictation, there is the inevitable mistake that I have to back up to fix and that is when the loud distorted sound happens, and may be ( I'm not sure) linked to having keyboarded clicks turned on in sounds in settings, and may have to also have to do with podcast or YouTube or some other often used app in stasis on the device. Also, once the sound started up when no one was anywhere near the device, possibly an app refresh push, I don't know. My thoughts on possible causes are all just guesses, due to the fact that the geniuses at the Apple Store, although always very kind and helpful, nevertheless are very non committal about if this is a widespread problem or WHAT THE HECK CAUSES IT. I did just see a YouTube video with someone showing what this flaw sounds like, and he seems to have come to the same conclusion I did about the keyboard clicks. It was a guy who sounded as if he is from India, and he had a large Pro attached to a keyboard.

    Is this a widespread problem? I ask because the 3rd Pro has started making this noise. There are a few episodes on the Apple discussion board, but my anecdotal experience can't be all there is?
    04-26-2017 08:31 PM

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