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    I've read how iA Writer can handle EDP on MacStories, but I never used the feature. I'm not quite sure how it works. I know it's something built into iOS, but it sounds useful. Being and to open a file without making a copy would be wonderful.
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    01-30-2017 01:08 AM
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    I might have answered my own question.

    iA Writer has an "Open" option in its menu that I never played with, so I tried it out. It let me open any .txt file in iCloud; open as in notepad.exe open a text file. I could edit and save it without importing the .txt file too.

    This also worked for Readdle's Documents, but with limitations. Obviously it works for its iCloud and sandbox folders, but not its sync folders. Still, that is pretty useful. The text edit in Documents is… functional; and now replaceable.
    02-01-2017 12:34 AM
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    Document Providers is a way for third party services like Dropbox or OneDrive to work similarly to the built-in iCloud Drive: As a cloud-based file system. There are a few different read/write options but not all services integrate all the options.

    In a perfect implementation, you could open and save any file to any provider same as you do iCloud Drive.
    02-01-2017 11:44 PM
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    Thank you for the reply.

    I actually was trying do the opposite at one point: send files to another aop to "open" them. That always imports them. :P

    Thanks again for the reply!
    02-03-2017 03:10 AM

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