1. MacProSC's Avatar
    I bought this tempered glass for $50 for my iPhone 6S plus, it comes with a two year screen warranty... if I break my screen in the next two years the repair would only be $9. Has anyone used these and gone through a repair before? if so...what was your experience?
    Do you think it's worth it?
    12-26-2016 04:52 PM
  2. eve6er69's Avatar
    I haven't used the tempered screen ones before. I know back when I used to use the zagg invisible shield screen protector their warranty was really easy. Once you registered it you paid $3 and they sent you a replacement. No questions asked.
    12-26-2016 11:51 PM
  3. MacProSC's Avatar
    That's not the tempered that warrantied it's the whole screen! From what I understand you buy the tempered for $50, if the screen breaks in the next two years the repair cost is only $9 for the screen.
    You'd have to buy another $50 tempered after that if you want the warranty to reset. With screen repairs over $200...seems like a great deal. Let me know if you guys are interested and I'll share where I bought it, I think they have locations all over the USA and Canada.
    I'm super clumsy so my phone hits the ground monthly... I'm hoping this will cut my repair budget by half.
    12-27-2016 03:26 PM
  4. G323q569's Avatar
    Actually yes, just had to use the warranty on mine about a week ago. I've had the tempered glass protector on my phone for years and have never had an issue. Then of course, I get the 7 plus and drop it on concrete st work and it chipped the glass protector. Ordered a new one through the warranty and sent the old one back with no issue!
    01-09-2017 01:40 PM

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