1. hero11's Avatar
    This is a great article by Gary Winchester Martin on how apple has decided to inconvenience and alienate the actual working pros that use apple devices:

    11-11-2016 04:28 AM
  2. Alexnewguy's Avatar
    IMO they have indeed alienated working pros, BUT that may only be temporary as we wait for everyone else to move to thunderbolt usb 3 right? Also, I know a big complaint is the lack of SD card slot... but can't cameras and the like be connect by cable? Less convenient sure, but not impossible to work around...
    11-11-2016 05:11 AM
  3. anony_mouse's Avatar
    There's a lot in that article I agree with. I'm not a creative, just a general business traveller and the lack of ports is really a killer. USB-C may be the future but it's not the present. USB sticks are ubiquitous, as are HDMI screens and projectors. Dongles are not a good solution. I've owned laptops which required dongles and I can tell you that they are regularly lost, broken or accidentally left at home.

    Apple seem to lack an understanding of how people use their products. It's like Tim Cook's famous quote "I think if you're looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one? [...] Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones." (Apple's Tim Cook declares the end of the PC and hints at new medical product) The iPad Pro is a fine tablet but it's not a laptop replacement for anyone who uses external peripherals, even a USB stick or SD card reader - and that is everyone I know. And that's before we think about how limited iOS is compared to OS X, Windows or Linux.
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    11-11-2016 05:11 AM
  4. Xenden's Avatar
    I don't know about alienated, but they have made the decision that consistent refreshes for the pro market is no longer what they are interested in doing.
    11-12-2016 11:07 PM
  5. Breuklen's Avatar
    I think enough users who aren't pros let's Apple not worry about it too much. And given the reality of the importance of iPhone revenue, pros will continue to be a low priority.
    11-14-2016 12:36 AM
  6. Alexnewguy's Avatar
    I agree there, despite being labelled as the "pro" computer by apple; it seems like it's not actually targeting pro consumers
    11-14-2016 04:39 AM
  7. mrjayviper's Avatar
    I consider myself a "pro" (working in software development and video editing) and the new one is enough for my needs.

    who defines who is a "pro"? is it Apple? is it anyone using the device for professional use (like myself)? tech bloggers?
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    11-14-2016 04:41 AM
  8. the_woollster's Avatar
    Depends how you define 'pro'. Ultimately though, a company has to take a leap of faith and that might as well be Apple. Every time Apple changed the ports on their phones people complained, but looking back I doubt too many would disagree with the decision. As a photographer who is heavily reliant on his mbp, it really doesn't bother me.
    11-14-2016 07:00 AM
  9. harrisonfooord's Avatar
    For me pro means:
    Don't solder ALL components on the mainboard + don't glue the battery on the case.
    My old MB Air for example is a perfect compromise between lightness and -> enough slots, easily changeable battery + ssd and for such a small device a relatively good CPU... only the soldered RAM is a pain in the ***..
    11-20-2016 07:42 AM
  10. Xenden's Avatar
    I agree there, despite being labelled as the "pro" computer by apple; it seems like it's not actually targeting pro consumers
    Unless you want 2 hour battery life, 32 Gb or more is not really feasible at the moment.
    11-20-2016 06:30 PM
  11. groy22799's Avatar
    As a Network Engineer, I don't think so. I already use dongles with an old MBP and I don't think that is going to change. If you get the right accessories, the new MBP is going to be epic! We will see!!
    11-25-2016 08:53 AM
  12. niharikasarma's Avatar
    I honestly don't buy Apple keeping convenience in mind. For Apple, convenience is not at the top of its priorities. Maybe some people are alienated by the new MBP, but I think most are going to compromise.

    The major reason I buy Apple is for the quality, and the way the devices keep working till their last breath. I bought an iPod classic in 2004 that I used until 2011. Seven years of heavy-duty use, much more than I expected. I have an iPad 4 that I bought four years ago, and it's still working great. I'm not even considering to a newer model of the iPad. I dropped my iPhone 6 Plus from a height of about eight feet onto tarmac. It was broken so bad I could see the internal parts, yet it still worked perfectly until I gave it for repair.

    I haven't had a MacBook yet, but I have high expectations considering all the other great experiences I've had with Apple.
    11-25-2016 09:31 AM

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