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What is the best iPhone browser for data and battery?

Asked: Jun 23 2016 | 11:56 pm EDT 13039 Views 7 Answers View Best Answer

I had an iPhone 6 64gb some months back but recently upgraded to a 6s plus 16gb(yh I know wrong move)

On the 6 I had a limited data plan of about 1/2gb a month and noticed that opera saved me more data than safari(safari blows through data)

The only downside to opera was that it racked up cache like crazy which was fine when I had a phone with 6gb and barely noticed

Since I got the 16gb 6s plus I've been on a 5gb plan and only used safari to browse because I was concerned about opera's penchant for hogging cache.....so data is not really an issue but safari shows mad stats in my battery app and even though I browse a lot and battery is not really an issue I'm concerned because safari booked through 1gb alone in less than a week

So I want to ask what app is best for data(browsing) but doesn't rack up cache (space) on my phone

Battery is the least problem as the 6s plus is very capable

Below are battery and data stats for my phoneWhat is the best iPhone browser for data and battery?-image.pngWhat is the best iPhone browser for data and battery?-image.pngWhat is the best iPhone browser for data and battery?-image.png

Best Answer

Jun 24 2016 | 2:25 am EDT Tartarus

I'm on a 6gb data plan with my carrier and have never had safari using that much data, let alone in a month. Are you away from WiFi a lot?
Try downloading the app for those websites you use the most. Almost all bigger websites offer apps and I'm pretty confident those will use less space than their websites.

More Answers

Jun 24 2016 | 2:22 am EDT Speedygi

Safari and Chrome after it. Dolphin is pretty good too.
Jun 25 2016 | 4:06 pm EDT Damien_Eternal

I use Chrome. It seems to be pretty fast and efficient. I use it because I have it linked with Chrome on my Linux desktop and laptop and love being able to share bookmarks and open tabs. I guess I havent really paid attention to how much data it uses considering I have a 6GB plan and am almost never away from WiFi. It really depends on your usage, but I cant see it using that much. I think you will be fine.
Jun 26 2016 | 1:35 am EDT shodipo

I don't think I use safari that much
I think it's because safari doesn't offer any form of data/page compression fancy some 3rd party browsers

But I particularly love safari because I can store my website passwords
Which is very convenient

Maybe I'll just reduce my browsing time
Or only use safari when I'm on a WiFi network

My OCD just won't allow me have 2 apps doing the same thing on my phone at the same time
Jun 27 2016 | 2:19 pm EDT sting7k

Do you use any other apps? Your Safari usage will be that high if you don't really use any other apps.

There is no reason to have all your apps closed on the iPhone. You are not getting the full benefit of the system by always swiping apps closed.
Jun 28 2016 | 12:27 am EDT shodipo

I mean I can't have 2 apps that do the same thing installed on my phone at the same time