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    So, here's the issue: When someone texts me, I get the alert sound that I assigned to that person. BUT, I'll reply, and then they'll reply, but their second message doesn't alert me. I can't figure it out. I have to keep checking my phone to see if they've replied to my reply. ;-) Crazy, huh?

    I read the thread on people who were getting NO alert at all with text messages, but I didn't find a clue there. I do get the initial alert. But I want to be alerted every time they are able to get back to me, and I'm missing some important ones b/c of no alert that they're there waiting for me.

    Any clues here????
    02-28-2016 08:07 PM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Are you looking at your Messages app when the second message comes through? If so, you won't receive an audible notification. Aside from that, you can try to reset all settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. That will reset all of your settings to factory defaults. If that doesn't work, try a restore.
    02-28-2016 08:22 PM

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