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    I have 3 of my users having Exchange email delays, sometimes the delay is 20 minutes sometimes it is 5-6 hours or more. We currently use office 365 and I have had the email account setup on the native iOS app and using OWA, we have reintegrated the email account and users are still getting this issue. I have checked the settings and it is set to push rather than fetch. One user was having this on his 5s and is still having the issue on his 6.
    The only thing that seems to work is if the applications are left running in the background, that seems make it work but this should not be the case.

    Any suggestions?
    02-26-2016 10:24 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    I have a few exchange accounts but I'm not having this problem. Who is your email provider? I'm wondering if it's a problem on their end.
    On a side note, there's really no reason to manually close out of your Mail app. iOS manages your resources quite well by itself.
    02-26-2016 10:39 AM

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