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    Here is the issue i am having. I have come from an android where i could keep all my images organized on my pc in folders.
    Now when i sync my images to the iphone from itunes it locked all images and folders so that i am no longer able to delete them, move them or move new images into them.

    When using the cloud there is an app i install on my windows PC and it gives me a folder to upload that i can add all my images to and it will sync with the cloud and will then be on my phone, but then the issue of organizing over 5000 images is a nightmare.

    The reason it is a nightmare is b/c when trying to add images to a new folder its often hard to tell what images you have already placed in the folders and what images you have missed since it does not move the image out of the camera roll and into the folder.

    Now i was informed about the shared imaged that you can do that will allow you to move the images into a folder then delete them from the camera roll yet they stay in the shared folder. This is fine until you try and sync the images with itunes or something and as far as i am aware it removes the images from icloud and itunes as well b/c they are not in the camera roll..

    So what i need to be able to do is move images into folders or even better yet organize images pre syncing into folders then sync them to the iphone.

    I do use facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, messenger. Most of my images are all client images that i need to keep and keep organized. I have a 128 gig iphone so not worried about storage.
    02-24-2016 08:56 AM

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