1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I am writing a book on pages on my macbook pro as I work abroad, I have a possibility to print a few sheets out at my job on their pc, I have it on a usb, but it doesn┤t open the written pages when I press open in that computer. It presents different items although the only thing on the usb are the written pages. I see no option come up as to convert it into anything. But when I have been to the library there is no problem even if theirs also is a pc, only the cost is very high there.
    01-22-2016 01:40 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    If you're simply printing from the Pages app on your MacBook, you should need to convert anything. If your MacBook can detect the printer then you should be able to simply print from within the Pages app. Anyway, You should be able to save the document in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).
    01-22-2016 02:37 PM
  3. miket222's Avatar
    I need to convert my Pages doc to Word if I want to print at work. I click on FILE in Pages and select EXPORT and choose WORD....works fine for me...
    01-22-2016 03:09 PM

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