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    Greetings all!

    The iMore Forums have been extremely busy as of late. We're hitting new highs in terms of traffic, posts, and member engagement. This makes me smile, but it's only part of the picture.

    Along with the increased activity can come a lot of bad things includling trolls, spam, out-of-control arguments - basically bad stuff. As of late, myself and a number of our members have started to get really annoyed by the actions of a small minority of members. These members rarely have anything positive to say - and add no value to the community.

    How we handle the above is exactly where we need to get better. So here's what we're going to do about it.

    1) We're going to clamp down and enforce our community rules and guidelines. Warnings, infractions and bans will be given to those that deserve them, with no hesitations.

    2) We're going to take a good look at our current teams to ensure everyone is on-board and on the same page.

    3) We're enlisting help from long-time moderators from our other communities. They're awesome, they want to help, and you will start to see them here soon

    For those wanting to help:

    If you're sitting there thinking 'I love iMore, and I want to help make this place more awesome!'... there is a LOT you can do.

    1) Follow our PUPPAH guidelines. If you embrace these and really take them to heart, everything falls into line. All we're asking is you be polite, understanding, patient, professional, attentive and helpful. Reasonable, right?

    2) Ask for help or provide help! The iMore Forums are an amazing place to meet new like-minded people, and get answers to problems. If you have a problem with your iPhone, post the question - someone will help! If you know the answer to someone's problem - answer them - you'll love the feeling and the good karma.

    3) Report! If you notice any bad behaviour going on, don't be afraid to hit that report button. You know, the little triangle-looking thing above a post. This makes sure our moderation team gets notified.

    4) Show us how awesome you are! Make thoughtful posts. Be kind and helpful. In a nutshell - be awesome.

    5) Step up. If your track record of awesomeness speaks for itself - consider joining our volunteer teams. Our Mod Team Leader and Ambassador Team Leader are great guys - and they'd love to talk with you.

    To New Members:

    The last thing I want to do is scare you off with everything you've just read. You shouldn't be scared at all. Fact of the matter is our members are awesome, and our volunteer teams are just as awesome to match. There simply comes a time in any home, office, city, or in our case an online community where a tipping point is reached. That's where we're at here and the result is going to be amazing. I hope you'll stick with us.

    To the Vast Majority:

    To be clear, we're not clamping down on conversation here. We always want members to state their opinion and speak freely. But if you wish to participate understand that there are rules and guidelines to follow. What we're going to do here is up the enforcement of these rules and remove the trolls that consistently break them. They aren't adding any value to our community.

    iMore deserves this. Our brilliant editorial team deserves this. Our passionate volunteers deserve this... and most important of all our amazing community members (YOU) deserve this.

    If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to me anytime. I'm always around. Seriously. I'm here. It's kinda my job... and when in doubt refer to the PUPPAH guidelines and you'll be just fine!

    It's time to take our community back... and that starts right now.

    *thumbs up*

    P.S. A huge THANK YOU to all of the members and volunteers that have stepped up to help on this. Can't do this without each and every one of you.
    10-09-2015 12:23 PM

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