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    Ok. I am so sorry to bring this here but i really need help in trying to explain something.

    Recently, my girlfriend gave me her ipad to load some movie files. I use ifunbox still to load as we havent updated the OS of her ipad 2.

    When i tried loading the files, the ipad apparently had lost all juice so i plugged it into the socket to just get it to power up before connecting to the laptop to transfer the files.

    When i opened the ipad, there were several popups that came up. I wasnt paying attention to them and i was trying to press the cancel button but wasnt really paying attention. I remember one of the popups though was about logging into iCloud the other popups i did not really notice.

    I load the files via ifunbox and then removed the connection via ifunbox and then removed the ipad connection to the laptop. I then just plugged it into the wall socket overnight.

    The next day when my girlfriend got the ipad, she called me to say that her email had been read along with her facebook....maybe facebook app I am not sure she is still really mad.

    She said that when she handed me her ipad she had turned her email settings off. I do not know what that actually means and she wont describe it out for me.

    I think what she means is that (after some explanation) is that when you go to Mail, there shouldnt be anything there but rather a list of choices of mail you want to go into. Yahoo, Gmail etc.

    And what i think she means by her email being accessed is that when she checked her mail, the emails are already listed instead of just the email choices being shown for you to choose.

    I am not very good with Ipad/iOS email workings so I am asking here. Is this even possible?

    I assure you that I did not look into her email nor facebook.....I am not the jealous type to go snooping into emails and such.

    Is there a logical explanation to what happened?

    Thanks, if you can help please do.
    08-20-2015 12:06 AM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    Anything is possible, but . . .

    However, the bigger issue is, why would she care if you looked at her e-mail or Facebook?
    08-20-2015 08:16 AM

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