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    Do the insurance companies that we purchase services from through our carriers use OEM parts on the refurbishment process? I had a customer today come in for a computer problem but saw that I work on iphones as well. He asked me how much for an iPhone 6 screen replacement (he dropped it the same day he bought it which was yesterday) So I told him. And he said that his insurance was only $20 more. And I told him that I would be doing the same service the insurance company was doing but he would have the same phone just a new screen and not an entirely new phone. But, I don't know when you use your insurance, does the refurbished phone have OEM parts on it. I know the phone he sends in will get a new screen, factory reset and shipped to someone else. But will that screen be an apple screen? Also does apple still do that one forgiven phone. I know they did it for my wife but that was an iPhone 4

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    08-03-2015 06:38 PM
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    Last year when I lost my 5s, I was sent a brand new 5s in retail box. Not refurbished. If it's an insurance claim through your carrier and Asurion, I don't believe they fix it. They either send you a new or refurbished unit.

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    08-03-2015 07:57 PM

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