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    I work at a school in IT, every single classroom has an apple tv. All these ATV devices has an 'on screen code enabled to stop student being able to override a teachers connection (NOW THAT PEER TO PEER IS RELEASED).

    I have seen an issue now (so many cases) where the staff memeber selects the airplay number within the airplay list and then on screen code appears on the screen but the dialouge box to enter in the code on your device does not appear. You then select the airplay number again and the same code appears on the screen and the dialoug box to enter in the code appears on the device i.e. iPad, Macbook.

    Once you enter in the code there is still no connection to the ATV at all. You keep trying over and over again and the outcome is always the same. The only way to fix this is to restart the users device.

    This is most of the time a huge problem as being a teacher they have heaps and heaps of applications/work open and a restart of the device should not be a plausable fix. There has to be someway to kill the ATV connection in terminal without having to restart the device.

    Im not a code expert and was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue as well and how they have been fixing the problem.

    We have audio issues as well but we run a sudo kill audiocore in terminal and this fixes the audio issue and audio is back, would be great it we could find a fix for the on screen issue. We cant turn the on screen code off as it will cause more connectivity problems than it initially started.

    any information would be appreciated people.

    06-17-2015 01:46 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Does your school have an arrangement with Apple for support? Sounds like something to take to them...
    06-17-2015 02:54 PM

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