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    The iPhone 5c looked and felt cheap because it was in a plastic neon shell. Many decided when it was launched to just pay more for the iPhone 5s. It's the same thing with storage, you just feel like you're being cheap if you settle for a 16GB model.
    It's not about "feeling like you're being cheap". It's a personal choice (5C vs 5S), and many chose it because it's different and "fun". This is a totally separate discussion from the subject of this thread - storage sized and price points. The 5C felt cheap to you because that's how you saw it. Fine. It's your money and your choice.

    Stop worrying about what people think and buy the device, color and storage size that suits you and meets your needs.

    Of course, you can always buy a cheap feeling plastic android device and use a memory card.

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    08-29-2015 11:27 PM
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