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    WOW, you guys really have been busy while I was away! lol. (Not sure whether to play mediator and just say shake hands gentlemen, or whether just to diplomatically ask if pleading the 5th is an option?) lol.
    (please don't take that as a dig btw, I just mean that sometimes when things get this heated, it's often safer to kinda not get involved, if you know what i mean. -I'm sure that at times like this you must wish you had that option, and I appreciate how hard it must be for any moderator who kinda has no choice but to get caught up in it all at times like this)

    @gfederline9, while I appreciate that you might have thought you were defending me, and I might even agree with the odd point or two that got buried under all the ranting and raving, I'm not convinced that it was such a helpful way to go about making them. (I feel I should also now clarify that the parts I am referring to here as being the ones that I agreed with, were just the parts about wanting unlimited data, and how not all countries in the world have such high data plans available to us yet even if we pay for them). Had you not gotten so carried away with yourself, we could have actually had a meaningful discussion about this, which would have been helpful. But the rest of what you wrote just kinda came off as (well, how do I say this without offending anyone myself, but I hope you can see where I'm coming from).

    So to sum up:
    Meaningful discussion like adults = Progress. (for anything like that, I'm in)
    Ranting and raving even the most valid of points = People just kinda switch off to anything anyone has to say after that.

    (okay, I'm now officially a hypocrite, as admittedly all that in itself was a bit of a rant!) lol. But see how easy it is for even the most well intentioned of comments to get way out of hand? (and trust me, I was holding back!) But I do think all that stuff you were saying about "giving us military police position" was kinda uncalled for, and kinda made me wanna apologize to Just_Me_D on your behalf. Seriously, I have no beef with him, and please remember that he's just trying to do his job of Moderating by ensuring that opinionated statements are not portrayed as general facts, so I don't feel that he was out of line for pointing that out.
    'nuf said........and thank you!
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    06-09-2015 08:53 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Seems like rather a nice place to cease the flogging of the equine corpse...
    06-09-2015 08:56 PM
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