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    It appears Christina Farr "got several things wrong in Advocates for blind, deaf want more from Apple, a story that moved over the Reuters newswire early Wednesday." She invented a lawsuit that never happened. She chopped the message-bearing heart out of a Tim Cook quote. She brushed aside any accessibility issues that Google’s Android might have. And she wrote that when it comes to people with disabilities, “Apple hasn’t been a steady champion.”
    That last bit must have really stung at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, because it didn’t take long for the company’s friends in the media ( (with some gentle prodding from Apple PR) to strike back: “Dear Reuters, you f…ing morons,” The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple wrote a few hours later. “You can’t pick and choose which parts of a quote you want to use to fill the narrative of a story you already have written.” (Source: Fortune Mag.)

    Here's Ms. Farr's story.
    11-17-2014 09:47 PM

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