1. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    So is there absolutely no way that Apple can reset an account if the user is unable to sign in?

    Here's my situation. I have 2 step verification enabled on my Apple ID. One of my kids was using the iPad and was messing around in the App Store and managed to exceed the number of password attempts. I try to get into iTunes later and discovered that my account was locked due to repeated password entry attempts. I try to reset the account through iForgot and it asks for my Recovery Key. As luck would have it, I can't find where I had written down the key anywhere. I call Apple Support, speak to their Security team, but unfortunately there's nothing that could be done without the Recovery Key.

    The part that got to me in this situation was this from their site:

    Remembering your password
    Keeping your trusted devices physically secure
    Keeping your Recovery Key in a safe place

    If you lose access to two of these three items at the same time, you could be locked out of your Apple ID permanently.

    Thing is, I still have my trusted devices, and I do remember my password. Problem is, my password was disabled when they locked my account. I know it's my fault for not keeping track of the recovery key, and I've pretty much accepted the fact that I'm going to have to start fresh and re-buy my apps. It's just that a part of me has trouble accepting that there is absolutely nothing they can do on their end, especially when I technically can satisfy 2 out of the 3 conditions (except their system isn't setup to allow me to do so), and of course I could easily just walk into my local Apple Store with my credit card and various pieces of ID and prove who I am. Live and learn I suppose .

    Edit: Looks like I can't even wipe my iPod and iPad to start over because I can't turn off iCloud/find my iPhone on them
    10-11-2014 12:39 AM
  2. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    I would try calling again. I would think someone could reset it so you can use your trusted devices to re-authenticate.
    10-11-2014 08:40 AM
  3. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    An update to this whole thing.

    I was on my iPad this morning and was going into the App Store to sign on with a newly created Apple ID. The password prompt came up for my existing ID so I figured I'd give it another shot and very much to my surprise, it worked!!! Everything that I've read and was told by Apple over the phone indicated that the DS lockout on my account was permanent (as opposed to 8 hour limited) because I had 2 factor authentication on. I quickly went to the Apple ID site, logged in successfully, generated a new Recovery Key, and signed in to iCloud again on all my iDevices and Mac. Everything appears back to normal.

    Lessons learned here:
    1) Don't ever lose your Recovery Key, make multiple backup copies and stash them if you need to.
    2) Even if you know your password, if your account is placed under a DS lockout it will no longer be valid. You will then need both your trusted device and your Recovery Key (this particular scenario isn't really addressed in any of their warning literature).
    10-12-2014 02:27 PM

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