1. M.Rizk's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I live in Qatar, a country in the Middle East, a region where Apple would probably release Apple Pay in the last, if released at all.

    I just had a question, if maybe I travel to the U.S. can I add my International Credit card and use it on Apple Pay when in the US.

    Why do I need Apple Pay? Because my credit card should be secure by default if used as intended. My card has a chip inside with a PIN Code but sadly none of the U.S. Stores use the chip on my card, they just swipe it asking for signature and a few days later we hear that this store got hacked with over 1 million credit card leaked, that would concern me less if they use the chip but it seams it's not going to happen anytime soon in the US.

    Apple Pay is supposed to be even more secure than PIN codes as I heard it uses one time tokens which should make it secure, that's why I am asking if I will be able to take advantage of it.

    All I know about Apple Pay is that it's a new payment processing system and that's it, or am I not correct and they also got to deal with banks so that their customers can add their credit cards?
    09-29-2014 07:48 AM
  2. sau124's Avatar
    If you are travelling internationally, I personally think Apple Pay is far more secured based on the tokenization concept. Think about it, you hand your international card physically somewhere you are exposing all the details of the card. It can probably be used for unauthorized use and since you are based somewhere outside US it would take sometime to hit your account. I know, most card companies will let you contest it and you are not liable for the charge but the hassle with the same in some countries is crazy.
    09-29-2014 09:32 AM

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