1. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    Apple HomeKit partner Honeywell takes on Google's Nest with Lyric smart thermostat

    I've always been intrigued by the Wireless thermostat controls that Nest provided and have often thought of adding one to our wireless heating system but could never really justify the cost to my good lady.

    Maybe Honeywell, a reasonably well known name in the UK heating world, will produce something cheaper for us to use instead.

    Do any of you folks have a NEST or other app-controlled wireless heating system in your residence and what do you think of it if you do?
    06-11-2014 07:37 PM
  2. phreddyl's Avatar
    i love my nest- i think the auto away feature is amazing- regardless of what temp its set for- it detects when you leave and when you come back- thats a money saver!
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    06-11-2014 09:15 PM

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