1. mrnserv's Avatar
    Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens, REI, Famous Footwear, Fandango, Airline Boarding Passes and if you use it with Gyft App can scan in other gift cards and use them too. Using it with Gyft you can have those gift cards you forget to bring and use with you all the time on your phone.

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    10-03-2014 09:39 PM
  2. anon4757448's Avatar
    I don't use it. Haven't put forth the effort to learn how to.
    10-03-2014 09:41 PM
  3. applefanboi's Avatar
    I use it with my Kroger card, Walgreens, and Starbucks. Use it more with Starbucks than the app because of the location bringing my card up.
    10-04-2014 02:28 AM
  4. Sekelani Zwambila's Avatar
    Never used it
    10-04-2014 03:59 AM
  5. iwoodland's Avatar
    It is not a fad. I use it at Starbucks. I have money loaded on my Starbucks card in passbook and scan it to pay for coffee etc. My cinema sends my tickets to passbook. I have my local supermarket customer card on it. With Apple pay it will soon have my cash cards on it. Use it for airline tickets
    10-04-2014 05:53 AM
  6. eh-up's Avatar
    I use it for flights, Starbucks, and hotel bookings
    10-04-2014 08:26 AM
  7. NekoMichi's Avatar
    I use PassBook fairly frequently, most often with airline tickets. Location Services take up quite a bit of battery so I have it disabled for PassBook, instead opting to have the relevant ticket displayed an hour prior to boarding time. It's quite useful because tickets are synchronised with the airline servers so my phone will automatically display the boarding gate when it's been assigned as well as any changes to flight times.

    Other than that, I also use services such as PassKit to generate my own passes. For example, I created a PassBook version of my student card that contains department and user numbers for quick reference, which saves time when I need to look up certain information.
    10-04-2014 04:42 PM
  8. jdhooghe's Avatar
    I love it!
    10-14-2014 04:47 AM
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