1. BBFunGuy's Avatar
    Hi everybody!

    Just been discussing with somebody who have exchanged to 5c on contract.

    If you are unaware of the service, you post your phone to them when receiving a new phone, they send you an email with an offer with 72 hours to reply if you do not agree with assessment of valuation, or they send you a cheque and the phone is no longer yours.

    This particular unit had no damage, the only sign of use was degradation of screen caused by use solely as a phone.

    The cheque was for 24, and due to other commitments, the service user did not make note of the email in time to refuse.

    Is this a typical valuation, in your opinion?
    03-01-2014 07:37 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Well you have to consider that they plan to resell the device so they need to leave room to make a profit so they are NOT going to offer you top dollar. If you want a better price take your chances on ebay, or perhaps the market here, BUT be aware you need to get your local post count up to 50 post before you can post their. And that is 50 meaningful posts!
    03-01-2014 09:27 PM

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